Sunday, May 29, 2016

Changing your surroundings.

When I was left with my house after the divorce, I wanted to stay here. My dilemma was that every corner screamed, "The marriage". So, I went about changing that. He took a lot of stuff with him, which was good. So the empty spaces were filled with the new. Art and decor was what I wanted. It conveyed an empowerment that I developed all on my own.

My biggest and most symbolic gesture was to sell my wedding rings to help pay for a complete bedroom overhaul.  I changed everything except the furniture. But I did revamp some of it with new drawer knobs, etc. After I was done, you would never think that it was the same room.

The back yard became my sanctuary. New patio. New landscaping. Lots of bird feeders. A lounge chair for morning coffee.

I recommend this for every woman who wants to move on, but doesn't want to move out of the house where your marriage floundered and fell. You can change your surroundings and still feel at home. Let it become your place! A place to come home to and feel safe so that you can move on with your life.  It's called home improvement.  It's also life improvement.

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