Saturday, June 2, 2018

I Live With Beasts.

I'm fortunate enough to live just far enough from a big city to enjoy the animals in the country. Although, my roses, hostas, and other plants have suffered from hungry deer. They walk right up onto my front porch and munch away. But I do like to see them and all the other wildlife. Like most of the U.S. these days, even coyotes are seen around here. 
But inside, apart from the occasional unwelcome ant or spider, I do have beasts living with me. They are my family members. 

This is Penny and Athena. Penny is an 11 year old pug who I adopted from a rescue when she was seven. She spins when she gets nervous or excited. She's like a curly tailed twister when she goes at it. She has a permanent look on her face that can be interpreted as stink-eye, concern, sadness or pensive.  Depends on who is interpreting. I just love her face. The eyes are so expressive.

Athena is my Boston Terrier. She is 13. If you have ever known a B.T., you know that she has spunk. They are quite a breed. I brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. Two years ago, she became totally paralyzed. She had two bulging discs in her neck that suddenly took away all movement below the head. I ended up driving her to a specialty veterinarian way off in the country during a raging thunderstorm on a Sunday night. He met me at his hospital and ended up working a miracle. It was worth every penny to have my baby walk, run after squirrels and get up on the couch again.

This is Bella, another rescue. She is 11 as well. She is the mischievous one. When she was younger, she used to get up on the kitchen table and steal things. Weird things. Once she ate 1/2 of pine nuts that were for Christmas cookies. She is always a source of entertainment in our house. 

And, there is Jolene. I am sure that she would like her own post, so we'll wait for another day. 

 Oh, and here's one of my pond residents...

Tomorrow is vintage Sunday. I have lots of little treasures to show you! Come back, and I'll show you a few...


  1. Good to see your "babies" back on the blog. I look forward to meeting Jolene.

  2. Nice to meet you via Dee's blog.
    I love the mosaic stepping stone!
    And nice to meet your furbabies!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It's hard to get followers when you've been out of the daily blogging biz since 2014 or so! The mosaic was actually on a wall outside a quirky art museum.