Sunday, June 3, 2018

Vintage Sunday: So Much Past!

There are ups and downs to having parents and grandparents who kept virtually everything. 

Ups:  You eventually own some very nice vintage things.

Downs: When downsizing, you constantly have a conflict going on in your head. Do I keep this, or try to give it away? It meant something to me at one point (or at least to someone from your clan from some generation past), but is it worth holding on to now? Keep the corset with bone stays. Toss the mortgage receipt book that your parents had on a house sold long ago. Keep brochure for the World's Fair circa 1909. Shred every bank statement from the 60's, 70's and on up from your parents and grandparents.

So, this leads me to two pop-up books that I had from my youth. One is Noah's ark. I hope that you see the little glimpses of humor throughout the images. I remember this book fondly. 

The other is a pop-up paper doll combo, copyright 1963. I don't remember playing with this as much. Ok, I don't remember it at all. Clearly, it was mine. I was the only girl in my family. But I loved things like bugs and animals when I was a kid. There's only one outfit that's cut out. I probably played with it, using wild animal figure toys or made my own family. Yes, I did march to a different drummer. So, here are some images:

Poor Noah's wife. Does not look happy doing the washing with a disgruntled monkey. Now on to a Fashionable Mom and a pipe smoking Dad of the 60's:

Dad mows the lawn one-handed while smoking his pipe. And the last outfit- cocktail and a cigarette?! Ahh, the 60's...
Oooo..Mom's outfits are so stylish! 
That's it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  1. And, how about that ultra-modern TELEVISION!!!

    I don't know that I ever had any pop up books like that. Looks like both of yours are in VERY good condition.

  2. There was a lot of old yellow tape on the ark. Most of it fell off. I replaced with new tape so that it would open and have it stay. Then I looked on Ebay and saw that an intact one is going for $250.00! Apparently the artist is well known. Mine is not in pristine condition.

  3. Very fun trot down memory lane! I loved paper dolls. I used to keep everything-I don't anymore but every once in a while a treasure goes up for display. Nice to have so many family things!

  4. Those books are definitely keepers! I hear you on what to keep, that's for sure!